Josh is a multi-talented artist that is part of the backbone of the Prom team here in LA. Continue reading to learn how you can stay up to date on his artistic journey as his navigates Prom and his own individual endeavors.
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  2. BOKISO: Carbonum Opera

    Finding joy in simple pleasures is a difficult skill to acquire. Bokiso is an artist who has continuously found these simple pleasures and morphed interesting art out of them. Here at Prom Beverly Hills, we were happy to support Bokiso for his solo exhibition running from October 28th to November 3rd.
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  3. Memory Palace: A World Created by Lu Gold and Mabel Parker

    Whether you like it or not, we all live in our own world. We may have overlapping ideas of what things are and how they function, but we all see everything the tiniest bit different. It is what makes life so beautiful and also full of miscommunications. Lu Gold and Mabel Parker try to make sense of it all with Memory Palace.
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  4. JoySexual - Where Music and Memes Collide.

    We partnered with alternative artist, No Joy, and meme page with niche comedy, JuulSeuxal. Like any great collaboration, they combined their names...
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  5. “Happy That it Happened”: An EP by Taylor Hall

    On Thursday, October 13th, Prom had the privilege of hosting a listening party for Taylor Hall’s debut EP Happy That it Happened that was officially released on all streaming platforms on the 14th. 

    We got to enjoy an exclusive performance by Taylor and an unforgettable time. Afterwards we had the chance to ask Taylor a few questions about herself and her artistry. 

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    We partnered with Australia based artist, Vanessa Stockard to develop a design for one of her beloved characters - Kevin the Kitten.  We were comp...
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