“Happy That it Happened”: An EP by Taylor Hall

As humans we often don’t grasp the important moments in our lives. We are so immersed in the lights, sounds, and atmosphere that we don’t realize what has happened until the moment is gone. 

On Thursday, October 13th, we had the privilege of hosting a listening party for Taylor Hall’s debut EP Happy That it Happened. While the EP was released a day later on the 14th, at Prom we were treated with an exclusive performance and t-shirt collaboration with Taylor. It was a magical event that really represented Taylor’s entrance into the spotlight as a powerful performer. From her performance you could tell Taylor puts every ounce of her heart in her songs and the crowd could feel every word she sang. Everyone was immersed in the moment. Everyone was present to have a good time and support a genuine soul sharing her message. 

After the event, we asked Taylor some questions to get to know her behind the scenes and see what drives her to be herself.

P: What is the first line that comes to your mind that you’ve written and what does it mean to you?

TH: The first line from my project that comes to mind is “I feel it in my heart, I feel it in my mind, and deep within my soul.” That’s the emotion I felt when making the project and what I wanted the EP to convey to listeners.

P: How hard is it to be vulnerable when you are writing a song?

TH: It’s easier for me to be vulnerable in songs than it is in everyday life or in my personal relationships. Everything that I write comes from the heart so I think of the studio as my safe space to write and sing how I feel without holding anything back. 

P: What has been one of the hardest things about being an artist in this modern age?

TH: One of the hardest things about being an artist in this modern age is how fast consumers want and forget about you/your music. You always have to be doing something to stay relevant whether its good or bad. I miss the era of artists releasing albums every year or so and letting fans really sit and appreciate the music.

P: What is one thing you would like to change in the world for the future?

TH: One thing I want to change and give the world is hope. Hope that it’ll get better and whatever you’re going through is all a part of your story and becoming. I think that’s why the music I write is so personal; I want others to feel what I am/was going through and hopefully be able to use my songs to get through it.

P: How would your describe yourself in 5 words?

TH: Eclectic, Gregarious, Creative, Misunderstood, Individual 


You can purchase Taylor’s “Happy That it Happened” t-shirt here.

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