FFEi - Imperfect Fixation

Multidisciplinary, Shanghai based artist FFEi has been a mainstay on the Prom team since 2018. Originally bonding with Avery through shared apathy that the neighborhood subculture was contrived and void of purpose. This conversation manifested into the controversial weekly party, Lotion. The motivation for the event was to deconstruct the gate keeping narrative that was pervasive throughout the Shanghai music community. The unexpected result was the creation of an inclusive community of artists built on a foundation of support.

Artists everywhere rail against consumerism. Ironically, this rebellious expression is the foundation of cultural progress. Deriving inspiration from challenging meta is necessary to move everything forward. The underground exists to platform creators who challenge the status quo. It’s not a fashion statement. It’s not about individuality. It’s about community and progression.

FFEi’s Imperfect Fixation is about conversation. It’s not about performing a perfect DJ set to feel good about yourself. It’s not about delivering what an audience expects you to play. Relationships are about challenging each other. Give someone something they want and then taking it away from them. Make them comfortable by sharing something they know so they are open to something new.

Imperfections in DJ set are not mistakes, they are reminders that the creator is human.