There are people you meet in your life that will leave an impact for the rest of it. People that you are happy to see no matter how much time has passed. Josh is all these people rolled into one and we are lucky at Prom to have him as part of the team. 

Josh has been crucial to the development of what we want to do here at Prom, and in a way is the spirit of the team. A jack of all trades, Josh is a reliable artist who is great at everything he puts his mind to. Graphic design, photography, art direction, interior design, just scratch the surface of what Josh can do. He is an artist that is difficult to really lock into one realm, but beyond being a great artist he is a great individual who is always there for you and always fashionable.


Oh… and on top of all of that Josh, or nodad is also a talented young DJ. I am no DJ expert, but what makes nodad special is his seamless adaptation to different genres and willingness to continue learning about music. Nodad and a few of his friends also created a group called EAR. EAR is a unique DJ group that wants to bring passion for music to new eyes and ears at different events around LA.

There are endless words for Josh, but I wanted to go to the source for some more information by asking him a few questions. 

P: What is your definition of Art?

J: I believe art is whatever you want it to be.

P: What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

J: Don’t do drugs and save money.

P: What is something that scares you?

J: Honestly the thing that scares me the most is being in the shower when an earthquake hits.

P: How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

J: I would describe myself as the most talented creative out there. I can do everything. 

P: What is your goal here with Prom?

J: My goal is to spread this opportunity  to every creative in need. 

Josh is an artist who is going to continue to establish himself in everything he does. Make sure to keep an eye out for all his work here at Prom and individually on his instagram _nodad. Also stay up to date with all EAR events to experience a modern DJ group in LA.