Memory Palace: A World Created by Lu Gold and Mabel Parker

Whether you like it or not, we all live in our own world. We may have overlapping ideas of what things are and how they function, but we all see everything the tiniest bit different. It is what makes life so beautiful and also full of miscommunications.

The artists Lu Gold and Mabel Parker are both artists that have felt the need to escape this world and create their own through their art. Lu and Mabel’s work goes beyond illustration. Although both are talented draftsmen, they both put a lot of emotion into their work. Here at Prom Beverly Hills, we had the privilege to delve into their worlds with their exhibition Memory Palace, on October 21st. They put up various pieces of art they have created through the years. They are two artists that are always creating, all they need is a pencil and something to put it to.

The reception for Memory Palace was such a joy to experience. It was a representation of what want to establish here at Prom. A community for the support of talented artists and interaction.

In addition to work by Lu and Mabel, there were sculptures by Em Spakoski, and live music.

We asked Lu and Mabel a few questions before their show to learn more about what inspires them to be the artists they are today.

P: You have been doing art since you were young, what keeps you interested in creating?

L: For me, it’s being able to return to the same place that I know super well. Returning to the same room, the same bubble. From the moment I started, it has felt like a really warm place I can always go back to. No matter where I am physically.

M: For me, I think it’s compulsion. I think I’m a very compulsive person. It’s not always a joyous thing. It’s kind of, this is what I do and I love doing it so much I hate doing it. It’s just part of my daily routine. I’ve drawn everyday since I was 11 and I have made that a goal; sometimes I’ll miss a day and I’ll be upset with myself. It’s a blessing and a curse.

P: What are some of your goals for the future?

L: A big goal for me is to stop worrying if people like what I make. Not think of progression as something linear, but something that happens whenever it does. I also want to work bigger (scale).

M: To be peaceful (Mabel says as she laughs). To be content. Content with myself and my art. To not be searching or be someone I’m not as an artist or a person.

P: What are you trying to express through your art?

L: I guess I’m trying to express a fantasy full of abstraction where there is always company around, and the importance of friendship and fluidity. Meaning within objects and faces.

M: A lot of my writing… I have a lot of writing that goes with my art and some of the writing will be in the show. I think that I am arguably better at expressing myself through writing than I am talking or even drawing. A lot of it comes from my own experience, but I think it’s also a lot of universal experiences. I don’t think any one experience I’ve had is only mine. It is mine, but it’s not “unique” and I think a lot of my art is about things that feel very big and personal, but a lot of people experience that.



You can keep up with Lu and Mabel’s worlds on their instagrams!

Lu’s Memory Palace Tee and Mabel’s I am a shooting star!! Tee made by Prom are also available to purchase on our website.