A curated pop-up shop which showcased the work of seven women-owned businesses. The different business-owners utilized the Prom showroom to collaborate with one another and display their apparel and merchandise to the public.

"Ask me how Natasha stole $54 dollars from me on December 9th, 2021" was heat-pressed on the back of selected T-shirts during the event. 

So how exactly did model and social-media influencer Natasha Alana steal $54 from fans and supporters on December 9th, 2021? 

In short, the answer is by selling a garment that displayed Natasha aggressively crying on the front of it. Prom collaborated with Natasha in the making of a short sleeve t-shirt hand cut and sewn from a heavyweight cotton jersey. On the front of the tee is a rendered image of Natasha crying that is virally-known on many social media platforms.

At the pop-up, customers were able to choose from three different vinyl texts to be printed on the back of the tee.

According to Natasha, her newfound apparel brand 'Alani' came to her life "due to perfect timing and great friends." 

"Learn something from me, chase your dreams but don't forget to put in the work." Said Natasha. 

Westside Compost

Westside compost is an environmental initiative owned by Kaile Teramoto.

Kaile collaborated with Prom to showcase her brand during the pop-up.

"Since the brand began during Covid, we had missed that sense of community in real life." Said Kaile. "I think partaking in pop-ups allows us to connect and teach people about how to compost so others can use this process in their day to day lives."

Kaile, the owner of Westside Compost, believes that by making environmental education more accessible and promoting re-soiling, she can help to close the food-waste cycle. 

Kaile sold her Westside Compost logo tees as well as reusable glass straws at the pop-up event. 




Respect the カラス

Model and artist Julia Abe took her career to a new level by releasing her first ever apparel collection with PROM, an LA-based collective, at the pop-up.

Abe also prepared and installed her first U.S. solo art exhibition at Prom. The exhibition was comprised of seven pieces featuring sketches inspired by Abe’s conversation with PROM’s founder Avery on their “mutual experience of living in Japan," and being "perceived as outsiders.”

At the pop-up, Abe presented the 'Murasaki All Over Print Pajama' set dressed in eggplant purple with cartoon human heads printed all over. She also sold the Tree Girl Seamless Ribbed Crop top that sports a graphic of a girl turning into a tree. 




An Asian-American woman owned fashion brand located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

The owner of the brand, Alysia, is inspired by the paparazzi filled lifestyle of the 2000's, and encourages people to express their inner confidence and fearless attitude through its apparel. 

At the pop-up, Alysia sold her iconic bikinis in colors bubblegum, sleek and tropikini. She also assisted customers in bedazzling her traditional hoodie sets with rhinestone PinkBaby graphics. 




No-ties is a women’s fashion street wear brand. Started in 2019 by Selda Merzouki in Los Angeles, CA.

Selda pulls inspiration from her own style, Y2K trends and current streetwear. 

At the pop-up, Selda sold the Siren Aura dress and bikini as well as the Pixie Aura Bikini. She also sold her knit hooded dresses in colors charcoal and burnt orange. 




Brand-owner and model, Tabitha Edmonds presented her year-old company at the pop-up. 

Vibrant trucker hats were presented with 'Tab' printed on the front of them. "The name TAB is just my nickname and I wanted it to be centered around me." The creator painted and doodled on the hats at the pop-up for each customer. 

The brand is centered around Tabitha's "favorite colors, patterns," and "the image" of herself as a whole.

Everything is hand-made by Tabitha herself.

"It’s my baby that I’m raising in front of the world." Said Tabitha




Lacrima is a women-owned custom artwork brand created one year ago by Edie Zenari.

Combining the display of fine art and functionality, it is a collection of elegant and delicately handmade ashtrays with signature skulls and real pressed flowers.

The brand celebrates Edie’s heritage through the name Lacrima which means tears in Italian. 

At the pop-up, Edie sold her ashtrays as well as exclusive lighters.