BOKISO: Carbonum Opera

Finding joy in the simple things in life is a skill few people have. Too often we think that the more complicated something is the better. There is a reason the best camera in the world can never capture the feeling of experiencing a sunset in real time. Bokiso is an artist who continuously tries to find the simple pleasures in life and elevates them. 

At Prom Beverly Hills we welcomed Bokiso for a solo exhibition that kicked off with a reception on 28th of October and will run through November 1st. Bokiso placed four intricate drawings of his interpretations of chairs on the main viewing wall. At first glance, they look may seem like random forms, but the more you follow the traces of charcoal the more you see the chairs take form. These four pieces of art represent part of what makes Bokiso a great artist. Taking something that many people just see as a functional object and elevating it into contemplative imagery

On top of the large charcoal drawings, Bokiso put together a sensory deprivation chamber in the middle of the showroom. As soon as you stepped inside you lost all sense of vision. Creating a full experience of wondering what is going on outside. Along with the chamber, visitors were asked to draw in a sketchbook to see what was possible without any vision. The result was an accumulation of diverse and fun drawings left for everyone to enjoy.

There was also live screen painting in our Prom glass room with Bokiso’s original design for our Prom essential tees. It was an opening that hit all the marks for what we are continuously trying to build here at Prom. Interaction and communication between individuals looking for beauty in the simple things in life. 

Right before the opening we asked Bokiso a few questions to get a better understanding of what drives him to continue building his world. 

P: I know you are a jack of all trades, but what is one thing you wish you were better at?

B: Organizing, I think I’ve become fruitful in art now. The hard part is the composition of the orchestra, so to speak, the structure is what will keep the longevity.

P: Let’s step away from art for a second. What are some simple pleasure that bring you some joy? Laying on the grass staring at the sky? Going for a morning walk?

B: I get the most joy when I visit my mother. I do it quite often and it’s such a replenishing experience; if you should thank anyone for the true art, thank her. Also, no matter your relationship with your parents, visit them, show them love, and learn from them. It’s a rewarding challenge.

P: As a community, what do you wish would change in the art world?

B: Art is in such a interesting space right now. I like where it is and where it’s going, I’m not here to “shake up” the art world. I’m in love with craft and creation and I think there is a position of ease that I play in the world. I want to set an example of what a well structured artists can achieve maneuvering through the chaos, confusion, and the illusion of free will. That might not be the right answer but it’s the right answer for me at the moment.

P: What are some of your goals for the future? 5, 10, 30 years from now.

B: To always go big! I want to continue to surprise myself. Also an E GWAGON 2024

P: Final send off, in one sentence how would you describe “Bokiso”?

B: “That’s Bokiso.”

You can keep up with Bokiso’s journey via his instagram and website.

Bokiso’s tees made with us here at Prom are also now available to purchase here