Prom Shoot Day

As cliche as it sounds, pictures truly encapsulate a moment in time. In the time of social media photo dumps we are able to romanticize the mundanity of our everyday lives. On the other hand, what about the large creative ideas we have that are more calculated than a zoomed in picture of your half eaten lunch? Those ideas that might require a few extra hands and resources. 


Here at the Prom showroom we are constantly utilizing our resources to create content. Prom contributor, Josh, was asked by a friend to have a photoshoot here at our showroom. This ignited an idea, we should utilize our space to its maximum abilities. Offering a time where photographers, models, and all creatives to come by and bring their visions to life. 


“Prom Shoot Day” was conceptualized by Prom Contributor, Josh, and ¼ of DJ collective, E.A.R, Saru. Hosted on January 22, 2023 our space was transformed into a photo studio. With 3 designated shoot areas equipped with seamless backdrops, lighting, and props. However, the aesthetics were not limited to the shoot areas. Josh and Saru made an effort to create a picture perfect environment everywhere in the showroom. From creating a designated chill spot filled with creative books meant to inspire, to completely transforming the bathroom to an eerie (no pun intended) picturesque atmosphere. 


The vibes did not stop at looks; we also offered open decks for DJs to come by and create an environment for sound. Prom is an apparel company inspired by multidisciplinary arts - especially music.  Motives were perfectly intertwined given that Josh and Saru are part of DJ collective, E.A.R. The music definitely got attendees more comfortable being in front of the camera and networking with other creatives in the space. 


Adding to the environment, we offered live screen printing to connect our roots in clothing.  The two combined their skills of photography and graphic design to create the “35mm" design. We offered customers the option to buy our Prom tees with the design, or for people to bring their own piece to customize. The design features a photo taken by Saru as well as a relatable quote, "YOU LOOK BETTER IN 35MM." The tee is still available for purchase here . Get yours to wear to the next Prom shoot day! 





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