Prom podcast 01 with Tyler Rexeisen.

Tyler Rexeisen, Noah Stutz and Avery Alan discuss alchemy, sustainability, the purpose of money and linking with Takashi Murakami on their first podcast attempt.

American Spirit photo recap. 
Photography by whoiskarlperkins

"Many Men" Tee
Developed in the Prom laboratory.

Following Tyler Rexeisen's solo exhibition in Japan with Kai Kai Kiki, Rex returns home to Los Angeles where he presents a new series of work titled American Spirit ***Monuments to excess, self-destruction, and the American way.

Working out of his studio on the infamous Skid Row, Tyler Rexeisen has created a series of American artworks that focus on familiar vices, environment, and visualizing spiritual warfare and its realities.

On Show at Prom from November 8 - 14 2021
Opening November 8 (8pm to 11pm)
321 S. Robertson blvd Beverly Hills