How to get started on Prom marketplace? 

The first step is simply emailing your artwork to our team. We will get back to you within 24 hours on the next steps in the process.



How do I get paid?

Let us know your concept and what type of apparel products you want to get started with. You make money for each product you sale. We will provide you with a sales report twice a month that details the number of units sold and your earnings off of each product. Your earnings are determined by the type of product sold. You can view the breakdown here.

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How about ownership of my artwork?  

Your art belongs to you. Prom is here to facilitate the development and distribution of your products. We don't claim ownership of your intellectual property.  At the end of the day, your products and designs remain yours. 


Print on demand 

We only produce products for the orders you receive. This means no upfront costs or risks. As an apparel company, we believe we have a responsibility to minimize waste wherever possible. We have developed a supply chain that cuts out dead stock across the board. Our order threshold is 10 units per product. This means we only go into production after receiving 10 orders for each design. If you don't reach the 10 unit threshold, we will refund the full amount to customers who purchased your products. 


Whats the process?

Prom takes care of everything. After you approve the design, we start the development process in Los Angeles. We ensure the highest quality printing and make sure your customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.


I have my own website. Can I sale products directly to customers? 

Prom handles development and fulfillment. Therefore, it's necessary for all sales to go through our payment portal. However, it's a great idea to share promotional content of your products on your site. It just needs to link back to us so we can process the orders.


Does Prom ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to wherever your fans are in the world. Customers have several carrier options to select from when checking out. 


Why are Prom products more expensive than other blanks? 

We are an apparel company. Not a printer. All of our silhouette were designed from scratch with a lot of love. Our fabric is 100% cotton and hand selected. Our prices match our quality. 



Our International team has over 16 years of experience in the apparel industry. We are here to provide you support on all aspects of your release. Our support ranges from marketing to distribution. We got you.