ilyhook is a 23-year-old artist from Riverdale, California. 

Hook is known for her alternative style of rapping that is mixed with melodic tones, powerful verbiage and playful ad-libs. 

Hook dropped her highly-anticipated project titled 'From, Hook' this weekend at the Prom show-room. 

Hook chose to collaborate with the Prom team to further elevate her project. She hosted her album-release party at the Prom show-room on January 25.

Hudat DJ'ed the event and the brand Left Hand LA styled the event with a Y2K back-to-school theme. 

Fans came dressed as cheerleaders, bullies, nerds and even school janitors. Supporters lined up to take their Prom yearbook photo at the event. 

Exclusive ilyhook apparel was sold and a limited stock is still currently available for sale online through Prom.

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"We really break down all of the cupid stabs," said Hook. 

The release of this project was very meaningful to Hook for she  worked on it for a year straight.

"Dives right and when you fall down wanting to get up, remaining within your own realm and passing up a lot of conversations sustaining yourself and just working beyond the needs of creativity but putting my physical health first."

Supporters gathered around Hook as she debuted her anticipated album behind the Prom DJ booth. 

Side by side with Hu Dat and Soundsbysky, Hook performed the tracklist while interacting with fans and friends. 

The night was a success and ended in Hook blowing out candles for she also was celebrating her 23rd birthday during the event.

"This release means to me if I had to put it in one word unique." Said Hook.

When asked if she had a favorite part about the making of the project Hook revealed that she "doesn't have favorites," or even "favorite people."

"Ignorantly, my favorite scent is vanilla." Said Hook.